Who We Are
We have a deep sense of empathy to founders and their craft.
We challenge our portfolio and team to build remarkable companies.
We are authentic and rational in our decision making and apply the same honesty to our relationships.

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How We Operate
  • We have a deep sense of empathy towards founders and their craft
  • We are tenacious but humble
  • We are responsive and believe in intellectually honest communication
  • We are curious but disciplined in our approach
  • We are sector agnostic and seed stage focused
Support for your journey.
Sustainable Talent Development

The ability to attract and retain the right talent is critical to a company's success. But this doesn't happen by accident. We have invested in developing a talent program to introduce best practices early. Our team also earns high marks for vetting and introducing top-tier talent to our founders.

Unlocking Advisory Networks

We earn our reputation as the most valuable partner on a cap table by exposing our networks to founders. Whether its a later stage founder, an industry expert, or a top-tier professional service, we have carefully curated rosters of advisors that we deploy when it matters most.

Attracting the Next Layer of Capital

We are confident that your seed funding won't be your last. Our systems streamline later stage financings, making sure that our relationships in the venture industry are leveraged to the fullest extent. This has resulted in 89% of our portfolio companies raising follow-on funding. Founders can count on our support as strategic partners in preparation, practice and closing.

A brief history of Golden Ventures

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